Welcome to Paul Bros. NEXTreme

Paul Bros. NEXTreme, an amalgamation of Paul Bros. Welding and NEXTreme Steel Specialists is the first company in the Northwest Territories to introduce innovative Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) fabricating and machining tools! The expansion with its sister company, Paul Bros Welding, started the summer of 2009 and was complete in the fall of 2011. NEXTreme has added an additional 4000 ft2, totalling 12000 ft2 of shop space for the CNC Machines and ongoing fabrication, manufacturing, and steel works. We are your one stop shop to meet your steel manufacturing/refurbishing needs!

Ideally located in Yellowknife, NT we are situated to quickly expedite our labour or manufactured products to remote communities in the North and the mines throughout the NWT and Nunavut!

Paul Bros Welding, established in 1978, has a long history in the North completing many projects, such as tank farms, structural steel buildings, adjustable house foundations, pipeline work, large bucket fabrication, heavy equipment body work and structural modifications, hydraulics fabrication, and all aspects of custom steel fabrication and rebuilding. The company also has a dedicated paint shop, machining shop and sandblasting centre.

From one stream to the Next Stream we offer expert craftsmanship and superior quality service from engineering design, manufacturing, construction and inspection all from one place and all in steel. The fact that we are so diverse in all aspects of steel development, but still a small company, is the reason we can produce our products to our customers at such great quality and unbeatable price.

Our Main Focus is Simple:

Customer satisfaction which sets us apart from anyone close to our competition! We are continuing to train people as we have for the last 33 years and will continuously expand in innovative ways to meet all of our customers' needs, big and small!

Call us today to learn more about our equipment and how we can serve you better!

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